Tasting Procedures and Guidelines


The consumer tasting begins with a practice wine to demonstrate the scoring system and to establish a reference point for what a 90+point wine is like. This wine is tasted blind and is selected from one of the big wine rating publications that scored that wine a 90 or higher.

This wine is of the same varietal as the featured varietal for that particular tasting. The wine is not announced  in advance and is placed back into rotation to be tasted a second time and scored amongst the other wines.

Tasters know in advance exactly what the varietal is, what regions and what producers are included. This information will be provided on a flight card presented to each tasting attendee. Tasters however do not have any idea what order the wines will be served in.



All wines are chilled to the same technical tasting temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit and opened at the same time, which will vary based on the varietal theme. Wines in subsequent flights will have more breathing time than those in the previous flight. 

All wines will be stored in the GUSTO cellar in an ideal cellar condition until they are pulled for a scheduled tasting. 

The wine service is conducted by GUSTO Sommeliers.



Texas wines are procured from the producer directly through contributions and if necessary purchased from what is locally available in order to get the most complete representation of Texas wines. The “World” wines are bought from what is locally available, submitted from private collections or procured through distributor or importer contributions.

All wines, regardless if they are from Texas or the ‘World’ have an open call.  All contributions are welcome.  This tasting is produced for the Texas Wine and Food Consortium a 501c(3) organization and as such all contributors can request donation receipts and take full advantage the law allows for their charitable donation to the Consortium. 

Remaining 2013 Tasting Schedule:

  1. July- Austin: Sangiovese,   Dallas: Roussanne,   Houston: Off
  2. August- Austin & Dallas: Rosé,   Houston: Roussanne
  3. September- All Markets: Viognier
  4. October- All Markets: Syrah
  5. November- All Markets: Fortified Wines (Ports, Sherry and Madeira)
  6. December- Off 

2014 Tasting Schedule:

  1. January- Off
  2. February- Cabernet Sauvignon
  3. March- Roussanne
  4. April- Tannat
  5. May- Merlot
  6. June- Sangiovese
  7. July- Viognier
  8. August- Rosé
  9. September- Tempranillo
  10. October- Syrah
  11. November- Fortified Wines (Ports, Sherry and Madeira)
  12. December- Off 

To submit wines into the tasting please download and fill out the varietal schedule below and send to Daniel Kelada at danielkelada@txwfc.org

[Download] Texas vs. The World Varietal Schedule

We encourage that you ship wines a month or more in advance of the scheduled tasting you are wanting to be featured in. Wines for tastings scheduled in June, July and August must be received by May. Ship wines to:


Texas Wine and Food Consortium
632 Twelve Oaks Ln.
Austin TX. 78701



Wines are scored using a grade ( A B C ) and a value ( + – o ) that equates to a score on a 100 point scale. Ratings reflect how highly each taster regards each wine on it’s own merit. 

Texas vs. The World Score Card Template 


Scores from individual markets will be tallied and published along with label information and wine price. Ratings from each market will be kept separate and only averaged together for a statewide representation once a varietal theme has rotated throughout the current markets offering the Texas vs. The World tasting series, which are Austin, Dallas and Houston. 



A trade tasting of only the Texas wines will also be produced in each market that will be scored and done blind. Each member attending the trade tasting will be assigned to write a tasting note/review for one wine that will be published along with label information, the averaged trade score, the averaged consumer score and the wine price. 

If you are a member of the trade and wish to be included in the monthly trade tasting contact our event director, Becka at becka@gustotastings.com



The purpose of producing both a trade and consumer tasting that produces scores of Texas wines is to develop a database and resource for those that are seeking credible and consumer friendly information about the wines being produced in Texas. It is meant to be a real eye-opener to the rest of the world and to Texas so that when we talk about Texas wine we have a complete picture from both the trade and consumer perspectives. 

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