Our Story

In the year of our founding we rolled out an event series called Texas vs. The World that was initially a comparative tasting that in its second year turned into a completely blind tasting where both consumers and professionals in the trade rated wines on a 100-point scale based on wines organized by peer group (i.e. varietal and/or region). The blind format that debuted in 2013 showed a lot of truths about Texas wines not realized before from the previous comparative format; like how consistently Texas wines can compete with other great wines of the world, how little exposure and emphasis there is on informing the trade and consumer about Texas wines and how there is no leading authority who is rating Texas wines to provide buyer confidence, which is how and why the Texas Wine Journal came to be.

The Journal is about building awareness for Texas wines through credible ratings and informative content. Once a month, a panel of professional judges meets to taste through wines in a controlled tasting environment under blind conditions.  We average their ratings each month and release the results. The goal behind the Journal’s ratings is to build awareness for Texas wines under the objective lens of a panel of professional judges. Through consensus of the panel, as opposed to the voice and opinions of a single judge, a more comprehensive and credible guide can be created.
Also new in 2014 was the start of the Texas Wine Review, a weekly column in the Texas Wine & Trail Magazine that aims to provide insight and reviews of Texas wines using a professional evaluation approach while encouraging the discovery and enjoyment of wines from across the State of Texas.

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