Bending Branch Winery, Texas High Plains, Reddy Vineyard, Mourvèdre, 2012

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Producer: Bending Branch Winery
Appellation: Texas High Plains
Vineyard Name: Reddy Vineyard
Wine Type: Dry Red
Varietal: Mourvèdre
Other: Cryo-Maceration
Vintage: 2011
Bottled: September 2013
Total Production: 145 cases
Brix at Harvest: 22.0
pH: 3.8
Alcohol: 13.7%
Price $28.00

Date of Review: 1/23/2014                   Time: 1:15pm                        Glassware: ISO
Quality of Style: 4.5                            Drinkability:4.5                      DK 92/100


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Author: Texas Wine Consortium

The Texas Wine and Food Consortium (the Consortium) is a nonprofit, whose mission is to inform, educate and promote Texas wines to the trade, consumers and prospective industry partners. The Consortium will exist and work with / for a consortium of partners, sponsors, community affiliates and the culinary and wine trades, with the intent of promoting local wines and culinary efforts via culinary and wine competitions, as well as interactive and educational consumer events. The TWFC will also work on behalf of Consortium members/partners to make available a range of value-added business and professional services to Consortium members.

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